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Forest Biometrician / Inventory Production Specialist

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We require a uniquely talented and self motivated Forest Biometrician / Inventory Production Specialist  to join our High Resolution Inventory Solutions team at Tesera!  Each day you will work with the HRIS team to grow use the latest technologies, work on unique and interesting projects in Canada, USA, and Latin America and apply new learnings as we strive to become the preferred high resolution forest inventory solution.


You will be the forest inventory expert at HRIS and work alongside our Chief Analytics/Forestry Officer who will provide mentorship and guidance to get you up to speed on all aspects of HRIS and future forestry offerings. You will join a dynamic team of data scientists, geomatics engineers, web developers, and foresters  while having time to pursue your passions for discovery of better ways to do forest and landscape inventory and subsequent tools and applications. Internally, we develop in Python and R and leverage a modern application stack based on Amazon Web Services and FME. Our web solutions provide clients with differentiating User Experiences built on modern web-technology, and by adding value to application investments through expert integration and middleware.


You will work remotely, have flexible work hours and help us create meaningful and profitable projects. We pride ourselves in learning new technologies and applying that learning to improve the products we create for ourselves and our clients.  Does this sound like the job for you?



We are looking for an individual to lead in client relations with our High Resolution Inventory Solutions. Ideally, this individual has a strong background in forest operations, and forest inventory.  Experience in ground sampling, and knowledge of forest biometrics are desired. Our HRIS delivers detailed, precise, high resolution information in a suitable form and timely way that can be readily used by our clients.


The successful candidate will have a good understanding of both strategic and operational applications of HRIS, sufficient to help guide future HRIS developments, and sufficient to help clients understand what we can deliver. You will also work with our data scientists to help inform data analyses that is required to produce, maintain, and update forest inventory. A good knowledge of sample design and related statistical analyses is desirable. Also, you will work with our web development team to expand our HRIS suite of application tools.


You will help to support our purpose and values and we will grow together as a gelled team.   We will learn together as new technologies enter the market and continue to improve our daily practices.   Most of all, we seek a passionate individual with unique skills that is constantly learning and loves to share their knowledge with their team.


Your responsibilities will include:


  • Forest biometrics (primary role)
  • Forest inventory attribution and update
  • Sample design and implementation
  • Ground sample design and plot  measurements
  • Stand and stock tables
  • Growth and yield modeling and applications


Background Knowledge & Experience  of Forest Inventory Applications


  • Silviculture
  • Forest Estate Planning
  • Harvest scheduling
  • Natural Disturbances (Fire, Insects, Disease)
  • Environmental Protection
  • Machine learning (with data analysis team)
  • Formal training and experience in applied statistics
  • Variable selection, kNN, regression, optimization, testing, and  validation
  • Programming (with develpment team)
  • R, Python, Github, Docker


Who are we looking for?


  • The candidate should have a Master’s Degree or PhD in Forestry or related field.
  • Registered Professional Forester (RPF) an asset
  • Experience in Forestry, Biometrics, Statistics, Mathematics and/or related fields and 5 years + of relevant experience
  • Experience with Forest Inventory required
  • Strong interest in applied statistical techniques an asset
  • Expertise and experience in strategic planning and forest operations (e.g. inventory, timber cruising, ground plot design, experimental design, sampling, statistics, biometrics, silviculture, log supply forecasting, forest tenure administration, timber harvesting rights, cutting permits and road tenure administration)
  • Experience with tree lists and stand and stock tables an asset
  • Experience in the BC, USA, Latin American forest industry an asset
  • GIS skills an asset
  • Familiarity with remote sensing data and techniques an asset
  • Good communication and written skills



Founded 22 years ago, Tesera is a technology company that has invested $8 million of retained earnings into High Resolution Inventory Solutions (HRIS). As we automate and scale our HRIS SaaS product, we are rapidly becoming a global forest inventory management company.


High Resolution Inventory Solutions (HRIS) is our core business.  HRIS provides our clients who manage landscapes the world’s most comprehensive and reliable forest inventory at high resolution.  HRIS combines LiDAR, colour infrared imagery, climate indices, terrain indices and ground plot data via machine learning processes to predict attributes about the landscape.  The types of information that can be generated from HRIS are far-ranging from types and quality of timber resources to locations of streams, potential wildlife habitat and amount of carbon sequestration.  The HRIS solution, creates attributes across an entire landscape creating an inventory that has more useful attributes and is at a more detailed resolution than other approaches available today. Working on HRIS and providing forest inventory expertise will be your focus.


Over the past 22 years, Tesera has provided Professional Services.  We help our clients implement projects in areas such as open data, data management through visualization and analysis, data science, commercial product development and geospatial solutions.  In the past few years, our Professional Services teams have completed a variety of projects including building the SaaS platform for an award winning energy services asset management startup, building a set of citizen science mobile monitoring apps, building a new way to share environmental monitoring data, building a sophisticated automated data quality control pipeline for the forest sector, creating a portal for biodiversity monitoring data, and delivering a series of applications to support the Fort McMurray wildfire recovery.



We want to hear about how you can help us.  Please describe what about Tesera and HRIS interests you and how you think you can help pursue our purpose and support our values.


Please send along the following:

  • Résumé – what have you done?
  • Cover Letter –  how can you help Tesera and HRIS?

Send to info@tesera.com


Our team works remotely from multiple locations across Canada (and globally), and this job has been posted in multiple Canadian cities. If you’re residing somewhere in Canada, we’d like to hear from you!


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