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Comprehensive and reliable forest inventory

Designed to replace conventional photo interpretation,
traditional ground sampling inventories, and lidar enhanced products.


A more comprehensive and reliable forest inventory

HRIS deploys advanced data analytics to produce reliable forestry asset and natural resource inventories that combine the “ground-up” with the view from “top-down”. HRIS enables the forestry industry to manage their assets for maximum value and sustainability. Our unique approach to data aggregation and analytics empowers our HRIS clients to discover hidden opportunities and realize new value from their forestry assets.


HRIS enables forest managers to use their inventory to better manage forest and landscape activities, including forest planning, harvest scheduling, habitat determination, forest protection treatment scheduling and other applications.


“We produce a higher resolution, higher value and more comprehensive forest inventory in significantly less time when compared to conventional inventories. HRIS solutions are fully scalable from smaller woodlands to extensive landscapes covering millions of acres in size. Our focus is on delivering to our clients the most comprehensive and reliable forest inventory solution available in the world.”

Bruce MacArthur, RPF (BC), President & CEO
Tesera Systems Inc.


Unreliable and not scalable

Most forest inventories rely on low resolution imagery, broad estimates and extrapolations from ground sample plots, and are not timely or accurate enough to be reliably used. As a result, they have traditionally been considered a cost (rather than an asset) to forestry owners and operators.


With the availability of high resolution remote-sensed data, web accessible devices, cloud hosting and advanced machine learning techniques, a new generation of forest inventory approaches and solutions are now available to better manage forest assets.


Globally, forestry managers are evolving from highly labour intensive, manual and analog systems with broad-brush management prescriptions to integrated, automated machine learning systems that feed supply chains using high resolution forest inventory data and precise prescriptions.


Our passion is to provide accurate, reliable inventory of landscape assets at high resolution. We offer a unique, recurring subscription service to update your inventory data and continually optimize the value of these assets. We deliver a 25X to 50X return on your investment.


Contact us to schedule a demo and we’ll compare conventional versus HRIS.


Your best choice

HRIS offers a more reliable, accurate, precise and comprehensive forest inventory solution. Our approach to landscape auto-classification produces better data, more accurate and reliable inventories, and higher returns on investment.


Our team’s approach to machine learning and landscape auto-classification produces better data, more accurate and reliable inventories, and higher returns on investment. And, our focus on continual improvement provides increasing value for each of our clients, and enables our team to offer trusted agile solutions in response to changing market and technology trends.


Our “top-bottom” and “bottom-top” approach combines airborne LiDAR (and/or space-based radar), multispectral imagery, and ground plot data as inputs. It reduces time and money spent timber cruising, while improving road layout and harvest planning. We also provide an ongoing value-add service that enables clients to easily and continuously update their data and inventory of forestry assets over time.


Our scalable, data-rich and integrated solutions can support multiple platforms, applications and data sources. Our inventory solutions are versatile depending upon the client needs, and we can provide a select version of HRIS in cases where clients have less access to data and/or can supplement with existing data (e.g. cruise plot data).


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View your forest when you want, how you want to see it and at a scale you require – with all the detailed attributes

Highly scalable, HRIS is designed to satisfy both strategic landscape-level and tactical stand-level planning for forestry operations located in northern boreal, eastern hardwood and tropical plantation regions.


HRIS provides the world’s best species and site productivity estimates at a microstand level (from 0.25 to 12 acres). Our grid cells are developed to be completely contained within microstands, producing an inventory less impacted by boundary conditions. HRIS provides detailed and accurate details at a tree-level to generate stand and stock tables (as well as growth and yield forecasts) for each and every microstand.


Stand and Stock Tables – Get localized stand and stock tables for more accurate diameter distributions by species. Merchandize your timber using client-defined specifications to produce the most “accurate and localized log profiles” for each microstand.


Growth and Yield Applications – Ensure that site productivity, volume and other growth and yield-related attribute estimates are always accurate, reliable and localized across multiple scales and scenarios.


HRIS also enables more accurate and timely fire risk, fuel mitigation, forest resilience, community collaboration and landscape management planning and sustainability.


Contact us to schedule a demo to see a high resolution forest inventory with microstands.


Get the right logs to the right mill

Stand and Stock tables are an effective way of describing plots of stands. Stand tables are a set of variables by diameter classes. Stock tables are a set of variables by species classes. When combined, they provide critical information on the number of trees (stand) and their volumes (stock) in different DBH (Diameter at Breast Height) classes.


They enable forestry managers with better data and information for “selective logging” activities, by providing stock distributions (stems per acre), merchantable volumes per acre, and basal area per acre by DBH class. They also are valuable tools when assessing blowdown, fire and insect damage – and supporting supply chain management from the woods to the mill to end users.


HRIS uses advanced customized techniques for constructing stand and stock tables, as a key component to advance strategic, tactical and operational forest management planning and implementation. Our approach is predicated on the development of specific indices to uniquely identify diameter distributions within large subsets, and are tailored to stand-level estimates of basal area, trees per acre, and quadratic mean tree diameter (re-enforcing consistency).


We encourage you to contact us, to learn more about the benefits of Stand and Stock tables.


More of your team can access inventory data

To improve the HRIS user experience we created an easy to use, platform independent Web Viewer that brings information to life. Our HRIS Web Viewer is a tool that provides access to your data for use in decision making. This enables users to rapidly discover hidden opportunities and realize new value from their forestry assets and supply chains.


We offer our clients flexible geodatabases, comprehensive datasets and scalable mapping through an intuitive HRIS web-enabled viewer, allowing for the discovery and understanding of inventory data that can be easily shared with assigned permissions to multiple users for multiple purposes.


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Maintain your inventory as an asset

High resolution forest inventory data represents a valuable asset and a corporate investment that needs to be maintained. HRIS offers a unique service to continually update your inventory data and information.


Continual updates of HRIS forestry data enables your team to optimize their inventory, cut down on costs, free up working capital and boost profitability. Managers can effectively have their finger on the pulse of available forestry assets, supply chains and re-supply requirements. The benefits of an up-to-date, reliable and relevant forest inventory information, include:


  • More timely and reliable assessments and valuations of forestry assets across strategic, tactical, and operational scales.
  • The ability to better respond to changing environmental conditions, opportunities, risks and market demand.
  • Consistent data-driven communications with regulatory agencies, stakeholder engagement process and corporate commitments.
  • Improved productivity estimates and efficiencies through ground plot/remote sensed measurements and compilations, and forecasts of growth and yield.


The best way to protect your valuable investments in forest inventory data, now and into the future, is to choose Tesera’s High Resolution Inventory Solution. An investment in HRIS will pay dividends for you, your colleagues and your organization.

Are wildfires and pests leaving holes in your forest management plans?
Difficulty locating homogeneous, even-aged stands?
Having trouble getting the right logs to the right mill?

One of our forestry professionals will walk you through the benefits of HRIS.